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How to Properly Swing a Golf Club

A great game of golf starts with a great golf swing. Having a proper, consistent swing can be the key to lower scores on the golf course. There are a number of fundamentals that you’ll need to master in order to create the proper golf swing. If you’re a beginner, putting these elements together can be tough, but it’s essential if you want to perform well.

The Stance
A great golf swing starts with a great stance. You should stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, one foot slightly ahead of the ball. This allows the club to rest near the middle of your body. Stand close enough to the ball so that the middle of your club face reaches the ball without requiring you to overstretch your arms. They should be straight, but relaxed. The club and your arms should form a single plane.

The Grip
When holding the club, your grip should be firm, but relaxed. This allows you to achieve better distance and better accuracy. Many beginners prefer to hold the club similarly to how a baseball player would hold a baseball bat – left hand on the bottom, with the club resting where the palm meets the fingers of both hands. The left thumb should point straight down the club.

The Swing
The swing begins with the back swing. This is the portion of the swing where you bring the club up above your head. To do this, bring your hands straight back, rotating your torso slightly. You’ll also want to shift your weight slightly. As you swing back downward, the golf club shaft should remain on the same plane, creating a solid, smooth arc. Finally, don’t simply stop once you’ve hit the ball – continue following through until the club is resting on the opposite side. Keep your eyes on the ball until you’ve completely finished your swing. If you want to read more about “how to properly swing a golf club” and “one plane golf swing tips” please visit our site

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